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Wildlife Removal & Control Services in Delaware County, PA

We provide professional wildlife control services in Delaware County, PA such as squirrel removal, raccoon control, bat removal, skunk control, bird control, animal trapping, wildlife exclusion and more.

  • Are you hearing noises in the attic or chimney?
  • Is your home being invaded by squirrels, bats or other pest?
  • Are you looking for a permanent solution to your wildlife problem?

Seitz Wildlife Services is a locally owned company specializing in humane wildlife control and wildlife removal in all of Delaware County, PA and surrounding areas. We are a poison free company offering long term solutions to your wildlife problems. We are license by the PA Game Commission and are fully insured. All of our animal exclusion work is 100% guaranteed against future Wildlife invasions.

Delaware County Wildlife Removal

Delaware County Wildlife Removal

Our animal control professionals can solve even the worst wildlife problems in Delaware County, PA and are experienced removing animals from places like attics, crawl spaces, chimneys, inside walls and other difficult locations. It is our goal to quickly put a stop to the invading pest and solve your wildlife problem for good..Guaranteed!

We commonly service local towns in Delaware County , PA such as Drexel Hill, Lansdowne, Norwood , Ridley Park, Havertown, Springfield, Media, Newtown Square, Bryn Mawr, Broomall, Aston, Chaddsford, Glen Mills, Wayne, and more.

Seitz Wildlife Services is not your typical pest control company. We are experienced in home construction and have the skills needed to successfully remove invading wildlife and keep them out. All of our animal exclusion work is completed with quality materials designed to keep the critters out and blend in to the existing building materials unnoticed. We also provide other wildlife control services such as chimney capping, attic cleanouts, guano removal, dead animal removal, odor control and more. If you are experiencing a wildlife problem in Delaware County, PA give us a call today for a FREE phone consultation and ask how we can help solve your wildlife problem. 610-999-2606

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We remove all types of wildlife from residential and commercial properties in Delaware County, PA including squirrels, bats, raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, birds, snakes, beaver, Fox, mice, rats, deer and more. Our team of professionals can handle any situation involving wildlife day or night. Don’t let your home or property be invaded by unwanted wildlife, we can stop’em in their tracks!

Squirrel Removal in Delaware County, PA

Squirrels take advantage of any opportunity to enter our homes in Delaware County, PA through uncapped chimneys, open vents and any open gaps along roof edges. Squirrel control can be a challenge and most often requires high ladder work to solve the problem. We will perform a complete inspection of your home or property and locate all possible squirrel entry points that squirrels may use to gain access into your home.

We perform humane squirrel removal with the use of an exclusion device (one-way door) that allows any squirrels inside a structure to exit and prevents them from re-entering. In situations where squirrels have been living inside a home or building for some time it may be necessary to humanely trap and remove the problem animals. We normally set traps on roofs, on gutters or as close to the area of damage to quickly catch the squirrels that are causing the problem and not every passing squirrel in the neighborhood. Squirrel removal should be handled by a professional, if not properly removed squirrels can cause damage such as chewed electrical wires and soiled insulation.

Bat removal in Delaware County, PA

If you are experiencing a bat infestation in a residential or commercial property we have the skills needed to evict the bats and prevent them from returning. In PA, Bats are very beneficial to our environment by controlling the insect population and are protected by law. We humanely remove the bats without the use of poisons or harmful chemicals. Bat exclusion is the process of sealing all possible entry points on the exterior of a structure to permanently prevent bat entry. With the use of a one way door we allow the invading bats to exit a structure but not return, leaving a home 100% bat proof! Bat exclusion can be a difficult process usually involving high ladder work and construction skills to solve the problem. All of our bat exclusion work is completed with quality materials designed to keep the bats out and blend in unnoticed for years to come. We offer a long term guarantee on all of our bat exclusion work against a re-infestation in the future, we get the bats out and keep them out!

Raccoon Control in Delaware County, PA

We provide professional raccoon control and animal removal services to the greater S.E. PA area including raccoon trapping , emergency raccoon removal, raccoon exclusion and more. Our wildlife control experts are experienced in removing raccoons from places like attics, chimneys, crawlspaces, inside walls, and many other difficult locations. We are a full services wildlife removal company and also provide services such as attic clean outs, insulation replacement, raccoon damage repair, chimney capping, vent screening and more. If your home or property is being invaded by raccoons give us a call today and ask how we can help you.

Skunk Removal in Delaware County, PA

Our wildlife control specialists have successfully removed hundreds of skunks in PA without causing them to spray from situations such as a skunk in a crawl space, a skunk trapped in a window well, a skunk in a swimming pool, skunks feeding too close to a home or business, skunks digging up lawns and many more sensitive situations involving skunks. We carefully take every precaution necessary to remove the invading skunk without causing them to spray their potent musk which can leave an area stinking for days. We not only trap and remove problem skunks, but also provide skunk exclusion services which will prevent skunks from being able to take up residence under porches, decks, sheds, patios and other areas skunks are not welcome.

Groundhog Control in Delaware County, PA

Groundhogs dig underground burrows for shelter and to escape natural predators. They commonly choose locations such as sheds, decks and patios to reside under for additional protection. This may become a problem when groundhogs become too comfortable living in close proximity to our homes. At times groundhogs may be seen sunning themselves or feeding on our lawns. Groundhogs have a big appetite for vegetable gardens and decorative flower beds. Nothing is more frustrating than putting allot of effort into our gardens only to have a groundhog destroy them in a single afternoon. Groundhogs can also become a nuisance when a family pet is attacked by an aggressive groundhog. In Pennsylvania Groundhogs are know to carry rabies and any physical contact should be avoided. Animal trapping can quickly put an end to most groundhog problems. If you have been experiencing a reoccurring groundhog problem wildlife exclusion may be more suitable to resolve the conflict for a long period of time.

Dead Animal Removal in Delaware County, PA

We provide all types of animal control services in Pennsylvania including dead animal removal, carcass removal and odor control. We have removed dead animals from back yards, basements, attics, inside walls, ceilings, fireplaces, pools and many other strange locations. Sick or injured Wildlife will often venture close to populated ares in search of shelter and sometimes die beneath or within our homes and offices. At first it may go unnoticed until the horrible odor of the decaying animal begins to saturate your property. We will locate and remove the rotting carcass and disinfect the area to help control the odor. If the unmistakable smell of a dead animal appears within a room we will locate the source of the odor and do whatever it takes to eliminate the problem.

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